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We're in a tight one in the Top Adventure School championship round. VOTE: https://t.co/KZZ3jCscFF 📷: @UofU_OA ⛰ https://t.co/nhJ8pAZB4s


Genome: Unlocking Life's Code https://t.co/OHxT8M7SGo


RT @Runnin_Utes: That moment when your hard work pays off, and your dreams become a reality. #UtesInTheNBA #NBADraft2016 https://t.co/DFE1…


Join the @UMFA at the Utah Arts Festival this weekend and peek “into the future” by creating your own time capsule! https://t.co/wjGZUE583i

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RedThread Retiring

It’s been a good run all, but RedThread is ready for retirement. We’re consolidating with FYI, our faculty and staff newsletter, to create a comprehensive, campus-wide online publication dubbed @TheU, where you can find information for all of the …